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06.10.24 GEN Updates

New Feature



  • Upgraded to GPT-4 turbo model for all functionality.
  • Auto-scroll - improved to allow auto-scroll to the correct area of the page.
  • Click-to-scroll - added in all chat windows in GEN.
  • Stop replies - the ability to stop any response before it has been completed.
  • Regenerate and copy replies - the ability to retry a specific response or to re-add the same question in the chat.
  • Upgraded PDF view.
  • Ability to duplicate System Prompts. Users can now duplicate and edit any prompt our team has created.
  • Org admin role - Ability to add licenses and users within GEN.
  • Ability to collapse sidebar.


New Features:

  • Quick Prompts: Users can use and create prompts that can be run automatically on files in the Personal Library or on files uploaded into GEN.
  • DRAFT: Ability to use our newest core functionality to draft complex cover letters. A new tab on the left-side nav menu for selecting a draft option exists. Draft currently supports O-1, EB-1, and I-601A Cover Letters.


Upcoming Features


  • Upgrading to GPT-4o once confirmed performance.
  • Voice functionality within GEN.
  • Org Library Functionality - allows firms and organizations to share files securely.
  • Word-for-word Translation and proofreading of files.
  • Additional Drafting Capabilities and Customization.
  • Mobile friendly UI.
  • GEN User Community.
  • All Fed and State Laws and Regs (PENDING).