1. 06.10.24 GEN Updates

    New Feature



    • Upgraded to GPT-4 turbo model for all functionality.
    • Auto-scroll - improved to allow auto-scroll to the correct area of the page.
    • Click-to-scroll - added in all chat windows in GEN.
    • Stop replies - the ability to stop any response before it has been completed.
    • Regenerate and copy replies - the ability to retry a specific response or to re-add the same question in the chat.
    • Upgraded PDF view.
    • Ability to duplicate System Prompts. Users can now duplicate and edit any prompt our team has created.
    • Org admin role - Ability to add licenses and users within GEN.
    • Ability to collapse sidebar.


    New Features:

    • Quick Prompts: Users can use and create prompts that can be run automatically on files in the Personal Library or on files uploaded into GEN.
    • DRAFT: Ability to use our newest core functionality to draft complex cover letters. A new tab on the left-side nav menu for selecting a draft option exists. Draft currently supports O-1, EB-1, and I-601A Cover Letters.


    Upcoming Features


    • Upgrading to GPT-4o once confirmed performance.
    • Voice functionality within GEN.
    • Org Library Functionality - allows firms and organizations to share files securely.
    • Word-for-word Translation and proofreading of files.
    • Additional Drafting Capabilities and Customization.
    • Mobile friendly UI.
    • GEN User Community.
    • All Fed and State Laws and Regs (PENDING).




  2. 03.18.24 - GEN Releases and Updates

    New Feature

    Fixes Bugs:

    • OCR Issue Fixed in Document Q&A.
    • Resolved the drag and drop issue in the file upload process.
    • Issue preventing users from uploading multiple files in the Doc Q&A file upload area was fixed.



    • Relevancy Ranking for citations - a long-awaited functionality allowing more dynamic sources.
    • Up to 20 relevant sources are shown for responses.
    • Expanded PDF viewer for sources in GEN for better visibility.
    • Auto-scroll function - allowing users to turn off the auto-scroll if not desired.
    • Extensive Library improvements: new fields, custom category selection, and the ability to manage categories and subcategories. Also, the ability to show/hide certain field columns.
    • Tags - new tagging functionality was added to the Personal Library, Law Library, and Prompt Library.


    Content Added:

    • Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) - all decisions.
    • USCIS Immigration - all current forms and instructions.
    • Board of Immigration Appeals - recent OCAHO decisions.
    • Primary Law additions: Fofana v. Mayorkas, F.J.A.P. v. Garland, and Kalulu v. Garland.
    • DOL additions (sampling): Labor Certification Process for the Temporary Employment of H–2A and H–2B Foreign Workers in the United States: Annual Update to Allowable Monetary Charges for Agricultural Workers’ Meals and for Travel Subsistence Reimbursement, Including Lodging.
    • Advocacy Content Library (New and In-Progress)


    Upcoming Features

    • Dynamic support letter system prompt. Additional system prompts are to be released as well.
    • Quick Prompt - the ability to quickly upload files and run a system prompt on the file(s).
    • Org admin role - the ability for an organization to easily add new members and share files based on specific permissions.
    • GEN Community - a community for users to share feedback and ideas.
    • Projects - the ability to sort and save your work based on case flows or project workflows.


  3. 02.16.24 - GEN Releases and Updates

    New Feature



    • Formatting issue in Legal Research source formatting.
    • Performance issues in Summarization related to document upload and processing.
    • Ability to switch between chats and pages and chat processing continues.
    • Issue with Summarization output formatting in Detailed Summary.
    • AILALink API connectivity issues.
    • PDF opens to the specific, relevant page in Legal Research sources.
    • Prompt template improvements on Default Prompt and RFE Analysis (Simple) prompt.


    New Features

    • Upload files size limit increased to 50MB.
    • Show 10 relevant sources in Legal Research.
    • Added Category and Subcategory option for Personal Library.
    • Modes feature in Prompt Library - users can create prompts without adding {context} script for custom prompts.
    • Added Tags to Prompt Library.
    • Ability to "Select All" in the Document Q&A document library. Ability to select Categories and Subcategories in Document Q&A.



    • Published and unpublished BIA Decisions (~4500 files)
    • OCAHO Decisions (~1500 files)
    • AAO Decisions (IN PROGRESS)
    • AILA Practice Pointers and Liasion Minutes (IN PROGRESS)



    • Relevancy ranking system for sources in Legal Research. Show all relevant sources.
    • The 'Quick Prompts' feature is the ability to run tasks on documents at the point of uploading a file with no additional steps needed.
    • The ability to create robust tags and quickly select specific content categories.