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02.16.24 - GEN Releases and Updates

New Feature



  • Formatting issue in Legal Research source formatting.
  • Performance issues in Summarization related to document upload and processing.
  • Ability to switch between chats and pages and chat processing continues.
  • Issue with Summarization output formatting in Detailed Summary.
  • AILALink API connectivity issues.
  • PDF opens to the specific, relevant page in Legal Research sources.
  • Prompt template improvements on Default Prompt and RFE Analysis (Simple) prompt.


New Features

  • Upload files size limit increased to 50MB.
  • Show 10 relevant sources in Legal Research.
  • Added Category and Subcategory option for Personal Library.
  • Modes feature in Prompt Library - users can create prompts without adding {context} script for custom prompts.
  • Added Tags to Prompt Library.
  • Ability to "Select All" in the Document Q&A document library. Ability to select Categories and Subcategories in Document Q&A.



  • Published and unpublished BIA Decisions (~4500 files)
  • OCAHO Decisions (~1500 files)
  • AAO Decisions (IN PROGRESS)
  • AILA Practice Pointers and Liasion Minutes (IN PROGRESS)



  • Relevancy ranking system for sources in Legal Research. Show all relevant sources.
  • The 'Quick Prompts' feature is the ability to run tasks on documents at the point of uploading a file with no additional steps needed.
  • The ability to create robust tags and quickly select specific content categories.